How to hire ethical hacker?

A complete guide :

Hire Ethical Hacker :

A hacker or hacking is not against law. They are misunderstood and , Ethical Hacking have some very positive outcomes. Thousands of trusted Hackers for Hire go to work on a daily basis to make the world a better, and overall, safer place to use technology. The mission of Brilliant hacking is to not only connect people with extraordinary skills and strong morals with individuals and companies that need them. But, above all, to educate the vast majority of people about hackers and hacking services, and what they can really do. To stay safe online and Hire Ethical Hacker means you need change your understanding and sieve all the bad guys. To do this, you need to understand who you’re actually searching for.
If you are looking for an ethical hacker to hire, then you are at right place.
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How important are ethical hackers?

Every bussiness system big or small is exposed to some loopholes. With the help of these weak spots hackers with bad intent get unauthorised access to your data and use it for personal gain which in turn incur you with great loss. To save yourself for malicious intent for a hacker sitting far away from you, you need to hire a trusted hacker to help you from unauthorised data access and provide you with some peace of mind. It’s so vital that even the biggest companies in the world are using this practice. Take Microsoft, for example. They host a competition for white hat hackers, and challenge them to find any bugs and solve them present in their codes. This is called a “bounty”. Not just Microsoft but almost all big companies are vulnerable to cyber attack and get help of ethical hackers to protect their data.

The Hacker Hierarchy.

As most computer users are aware, some hackers are untrustworthy and ultimately will result in great lose for yourself. It is very important to choose good ones from bad. Here are some types of hackers which might help you to get the one you need.

Script Kiddies

These are among the lowest levels of the hacker hierarchy. They are usually young, tech-savvy individuals who are more inquisitive, explore the Darknet and test their own capabilities than they are in performing the work given to them. Script kiddies often discover risks accidentally by playing around with technology. Once they discover highly valuable information, such as the password of a celebrity, they will usually continue their activities until they’re caught or access is denied.

White-Hat Hackers

White hat hackers for hire also known as ethical hackers, have greater skills and experience than script kiddies and usually more respected. They earn the trust of the public more easily because they have no previous involvement in illicit or criminal activities. They are focused on using their skills to benefit society rather than causing harm.

Suicide Hackers

they are usually related to terrorist or vigilante groups. This category of hackers assosiates to anti establishment stance with causes that include political, terrorist, or other riotious activities.

Black-Hat Hackers

These focus on breaking the law through their actions of stated intent. These are the hackers who cause harm to businesses, usually for financial gain. These hackers usually use their skills for their personal benefit and their intent is considered criminal or closely related to the actions of criminals.

Gray-Hat Hackers

often called “bad” hackers who have previously engaged in unauthorized and illicit hacking attempts. These hackers worked with the intent to harm users and corporations through malicious activities, but often due to some life-changing events, they now apply their skills to help users and organizations finding risks in their systems and protect their data against cyber attacks.

Hiring a Hacker or a Hacking Service

One of the initial problems when considering whether or not to hire an Ethical hacking services is, above all, if the hackers can be trusted. System’s risks are exposed to the hackers, which could result in access to highly valuable and sensitive information. These system vulnerabilties must be properly evaluated and hackers carefully vetted. In order to assess and choose a hacking service, an organization should consider the following:


Vetting and reference checks

At this phase, it’s very vital for an organization to consult with a human resources specialist to ensure proper screening of the selected individual(s) or service. At least, this process should include a thorough and robust background check, multiple character reference verifications, and past customer recommendations.

Legal considerations

It’s also necessary to involve the organization’s legal team in the selection and reviewing process. Observing the actions of hackers can lead to the minimization of damage to property and reduce liability. It is very important that organizations thoroughly understand the liabilities associated with actions of an ethical hacking service.

The needs of the organization

Clearly stating the purpose and final goals of hiring a hacking service will help determine what skills and services are needed by the company.

Assessing the skills and proficiencies of hackers

As part of the screening/reviewing process, organizational leaders should verify the capabilities and skills of candidates to ensure they possess the technical and physical control skills needed to assess the organization’s systems.

Inventory assessment

During initial preparation process, conduct a thorough inventory of your organizational assets. An organizational inventory assessment finds all the networked devices within the system, as well as valuable information stored in its systems. This list will help determine what risks are associated with each asset and what exactly the hacking services have to do.

Tips for Hire Ethical Hackers :

If you are in a need to Hire ethical hacker, start by constructing a clear mission statement outlining what you want to achieve with their help. You can then look for qualified candidates through official certification programs or our services at Brilliant Hackers.
1. Evaluate the risks of going unprotected. It may be tempting to try to save money by sticking with your already existing IT professionals. But without specialized and skilled backup, your company’s systems will be exposed to outside attacks that are far too complicated for the average computer user to catch. All it would take is one of these attacks to do serious damage to your business’s finances—and reputation.
2. Identify your company’s cyber-security needs. It’s not enough to simply decide that you need to enhance your internet defenses. Come up with a mission statement outlining exactly what you want to accomplish by hiring an ethical hacker. That way, both you and your candidate will have a clear perspective of their duties .
3. Be prepared to offer competitive pay. Ethical hacker for hire can cost a lot. Again, it’s important to keep in mind that the job they’ll be performing is worth every penny. It’s an investment that is very important for you and for your company.
4. See if you can hire an ethical hacker by the job. It might not be possible to keep a white hat on your IT staff full time. As part of your requirement statement, specify that you’re looking for a consultant to spearhead a major project. This will allow you to pay them a one-time retainer rather than a continual salary which is cost effective and within your budget

Expected Outcomes from a Hacking Service:

What can an organization expect to gain from using an ethical hacking service to find risks? The short answer is peace of mind and protect company from outside cyber attacks.Using a hacking service allows the organization to find if someone gained improper access to its network. It also provide you with software update notifications. The hacking service can also expose insider threats and weak spots. Whether intentional or otherwise—employees often expose blind spots within the organization through their daily interactions and activities. A vulnerability scan or risk scan can find actions by employees or partners that cause risks to the organization. The strategic decision to employ an ethical hacking service can be extremely beneficial for an organization as well as for working individuals, resulting in increased awareness of unknown risks or bugs and the implementation of stronger security checks and network protections.
You can get Hire hacker services by Brilliant Hackers for Hire to maintain your corporate data and systems with the highest confidentiality and security level. Hire services that keep you updated throughout the hacking incident through a secure communication channel; hire hacker services that offer full-around clock monitoring services. These services ensure complete protection against any attacks and carry out remedial action in real-time. These services ensure easy configuration, administration, standardized billing system, flexible reporting, real-time monitoring, and instant data recovery.